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This entire month was me playing catch up with my homework since my previous job had me working so many hours that I had virtually no time for homework.

Now that Finals for me is next week, I will still be on extended hiatus until the End of May since I’ll also be going to a convention round the weekend of 16-18.

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       —”Waaiiii~ It’s one of Mokona’s favorite days in the year. Happy Birthday, Watanuki, written April 1st!”

Know why?

You probably know why. FOOD and lots of it and a rather large cake, since we’re feeding the majority that is Mokona.


—“Can’t believe it rolled around again. Perfect excuse to have some fun, right?”

And totally not drink.

Alas, calm never lasts long in this abode. Never lasting more than a few moments at best. His birthday is no exception. After countless many celebrations, each of them tend to be more louder and exciting than the last.

"Yes yes, we’re quite aware of what day it is."

Nonchalant in his tone of voice, bordering disdain even at the energetic black bun’s words.

Yes, food. Food he spent the entire day preparing, of course with some help from others here. Now a grand feast was made for the small family, enough to feed them well into the night. Food of all variety, ranging from Japanese to Chinese and other cuisines. Appetizers, entree’s, desserts not yet accountable but they have been prepared. It was an all you can eat buffet, high quality enough for a five star hotel.
And it was all for these dorks.

A small tug upwards, showing a languid smile enclosing the wooden kiseru that never now hardly ever leaves his lips.

"You guys hardly need that as an excuse to have fun."

C’mon now, when was his birthday ever an excuse to drink and be merry? These two booze hounds did that near 24/7.

— Anonymous: /Busts the fuck up in here and the shades while busting out of a cake if not in that order./ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY~

"You’ve ruined a perfectly fine cake. I do hope you’re ready to face Mokona’s and the twin’s wrath for that."

"Nonetheless, thank you. Even if you are too enthusiastic for the occasion."

"I’ll have to say, out of all the birthday’s so far, this is the tamest one yet.

Isn’t that right, Mugetsu?”

— Anonymous: Happy Birthday, Watanuki-kun!

Anon you’re too kind.

"Thank you."

Made his day a bit better~



No, way is that…?

The irritable complaint sounds very familiar and surely enough it was. Oddly enough, her thoughts had went to the boy much earlier. You can’t forget someone with a name relating to such a date as April 1st.

So, here’s Makoto coming up behind him and picking him up off the ground hugging him tightly.


—“Watanuki-kun! It’s so good to see you again~”

It’s our favorite noodle boy~

T-This is not something he was expecting! Not that anyone ever expects to be picked up out of the blue from behind like this; but rather that someone actually could pick him up like a sack of flour! Mind you, he’s not that heavy at first, but he’s a tall person, though a bit too thin, he would be rather difficult to carry just like that!

It wasn’t until the familiar voice spoke up that causes the high-schooler to snap out of his tantrum, causing him to keep perfectly still for a few moments. He knows that voice…

A turn of his head finally confirms his suspicions.


The boy yelps out in surprise and more so out of the squeeze she’s giving him.

"W—what are-! It’s nice to see you too! But can you please put me down first!"

"How kind of you. Remembering me only on my birthday? Well, you surely got some sense of humor.

Might as well get somethings finished while you’re here right?
And don’t be lazy this time!”

knockoutinthreesteps has entered the shop


There is a belief that there are places guarded by Oni who would chase off all spirits who dare trespass. Places that had tiles with fearsome visages and holy grounds where monks turned Oni stood by as guards. This belief was true. However in a world where such beings existed yet were seen by so few it had fallen into disregard however it did not mean that these things held little effect anymore.

So much so that when she’d entered this strange place the first thing the Oni had done was chase off an oozing black spirit who reeked of malicious intent. Yuugi had lost it within the mazes of tall buildings and neighborhoods when it had suddenly lurched somewhere else, but Oni were persistent beings and she’d gone hunting it down.

Hunting it down while it too hunted another, a tall lanky young man who seemed to be mightily aware of his situation. 

The running was a bit of a hint.

Any other Oni may had forsaken him but even the great and fierce Hoshigumi Yuugi would not allow a malicious spirit its reign; the very presence of it aggravating her long buried protector instincts.


With a bellowing roar and thundering steps, the ground rumbling from her strength, she charged. Surprisingly agile she moved about the lanky boy into the oozing mass, elongated nails thrust into its being and for once the aged woman activated a power that saw so little use. Manipulation of all things supernatural, with it Yuugi had become capable of gripping this spirit and throwing it to the side.

Another roar and a strong flow of magic pooled into her being, access to the abilities humans had mastered to banish evil spirits like this, and in crude mockery of priests that had so tried to slay her with these power the woman banished the creature. 

It took some time for the Oni to calm of course, her temper flared easily but she still had her reign over her actions at least. Yuugi took a shuddering breath before turning to the lanky boy, her face still scrunched up and teeth bared.

"You should know better than to run out without protection."

It’s meant to be a quip, a slight reprimand but the delivery perhaps isn’t all that spectacular with her current state.

The sudden demonic howl and roaring steps only make the already spazzing teenager to let out a more pathetic high-pitched whimpering noises combined with his quickened pants of breath from running so quickly, face contorted in fear. He can feel an ice cold shiver of panic run down his spine and he wills his long legs to continue running faster and faster, away from the malicious legion. In this state, Watanuki would not have realized something different about this situation; such as realizing that that gaseous ball never once roared like that, only making a bunch of a warbled distorted cries that still stay in his nightmares to this day. Or that this /thing/ has never once created footsteps, let alone thunderous stomps that could seemingly very well topple buildings.

Yet, the oncoming events happen too fast; Watanuki wobbling in his stride as the reverberations of the earth start to make lose his balance, causing him to gasp in surprise with a ‘whoo-oah!’ to try to maintain his balance. A sudden strong gale rushing by his side makes the student finally stumble on his back, sliding a few feet on the pavement.


That would definitely leave a mark.

Once the sting of the impact lessens, Watanuki opens his eyes to see the blurry spectacle in front of him, due only to his glasses being haphazardly moved on his face and angled awkwardly due to just lifting his head up, but it isn’t a sight he would forget even with blurred vision.

Right there in front of him is a rampaging silhouette, hurling the legion of malicious spirits around as if it was no more than a softball. Viewing the figure from behind even now as he straightens himself and sits upward to fix his glasses, he catches a long unruly blonde mane in the darkness of the moonless night, fighting the screeching entity with just her bare hands.

He continues to sit there, watching the other battle as if it was a scene straight out of a supernatural movie, complete with the posing as if she were an onmyoji banishing a spirit in literary works. Just like that and with an almighty battle cry that makes him sit paralyzed with fear, was one of the most obnoxious and terrifying things that haunt his life gone in an instant and when the creature began to turn towards him. Blind fear comes back in a chilling sensation throughout his body, causing him to stand there quaking and stammering at the question asked.


Any minute now, and he’ll be able to finally form a coherent sentence before he gets pulverized next or eaten. Thankfully his wits come to him in a snap.

"I-I didn’t mean t-t-to! I-I mean I d-didn’t expect for a-anything to hap-ppen but…"

That was a lie. Yuuko, his employer, has warned him time and time again to go with someone on a moonless night for that’s when youkai like to strike when its easier to conceal. He was being stubbornly defiant and skeptic, ironically enough with all he’s seen in his life.

His sentence dies off as he takes in the full appearance of the figure in front of him; the imposing height that can, in his mind, make Doumeki dwarf in comparison, a feral look in her eyes, (he has noticed it was a ‘her’ after his eyes caught a tall-tell sign) two words came to mind.


"It was an emergency!"

Of what, he couldn’t say right now until he calms down enough. Though thankfully, Watanuki finally manages to explain though his voice laden with the high pitched fervor that was present earlier. An arm of his comes up half way in a defensive gesture.

Changeling in kid’s clothing


That….that particular subject she’d rather not have brought up at the moment. A finger scratched the top of her head and a light laugh produced from her lips with her usual tell tell sign of nervousness.


"Not terribly important. You know, just…girl talk. Nothing too interesting.

Side stepping that though that may be brought up a little later. A hand came up to the housewife’s lips to cover a laugh at the indirection question Makoto would rather not go into details at the moment in fear of embarrassment.

"Something like that." She smiled. Luckily the twins came at the perfect time to sweep anything else on the matter under the rug with the food, "My this all looks nice. I thank you for your hospitality."

Taking one of the small plates she offered it to the young boy next to her. A distant stare still held on his face. There was almost a look of disdain from the food before he turned his head to press his face against his mothers arm.

"I did make one visit to the doctor and they couldn’t seem what to even determine what it may have been. Stress perhaps? They gave me a few muscle relaxers and something to help me sleep." Sighs softly, "…and then he’s not eating as much either. Perhaps since I usually work so much and he’s been feeling some neglect? It’s been about…three weeks or so?"


Makoto wasre tn’t trying to stare too much at the wound on the back of her neck. However she got it, it seemed like it was bothering her quite a lot. At least the last time she spoke with her, she had a bandage on the back of her neck. She had mentioned it in some for passing, but that was all.

With a calm look, Watanuki listens intently to the mother’s plight, all the while studying her appearance. From the noticeable bags under her eyes; the crow’s feet wrinkles on the edges of her eyes, and her shoulders shrugged so low it seems as if she’s carrying an invisible weight on them. Truly a mother’s duty is a difficult one.

With a gentle hand, he places his still steaming tea cup on the table, making only the slightest of noises.

"Stress can cause a general manner of other problems; insomnia and also muscle problems to a degree."

Polite concern flows through his words, his gaze wandering over to her child. He notes the not so subtle scrunching of his face in distaste towards the food and continues to cuddle up to his mothers sleeve, ignoring the rest of the world. A peculiar notice he makes; with his mother mentioning on how he hasn’t been eating as much as she claims, he was quick to disregard the food presented to him. Not even a test nibble to see if he would like it. It wasn’t even his pride speaking, though Watanuki /knew/ he made great food with all of the praise he’s gotten over the years for his cooking. Even the pickiest of eaters loved his food, yet he dismissed it without a single wasted thought.

The boy seems to be at an age where such childish antics might be frowned upon or of concern, unless he is naturally a clingy sort. What the mother speaks of has merit; if she has been too busy with work neglect can make her child clingy.

"Three weeks of consistent pain and still no relief from the medicine? That’s quite peculiar indeed. "

Moving his line of sight, his peripheral vision catches sight of Makoto, her own eyes fixated on something. Tracing the stare, his head subtly makes a small movement, blinking so slowly as he tries to discern what was Makoto staring at. In his reeling mind, he can figure it would be a mark or sorts or some sort of injury.
One way to find out for sure.

"Has anything strange also happened while this is occurring? Both to you and your child, if you don’t mind me asking?"



hello there flaily student

not out attracting trouble are you?



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